Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Update: iPhone firmware 3.0 compatibility

On June 17th, Apple released new iPhone firmware 3.0 that comes with a lot of features (MMS; Voice Memo; Cut, Copy, Paste; etc.).

Unfortunately lots of iPod managers became useless with iPods Touch and iPhones running on the latest firmware.

What is the situation three months later?

Below is an outlook of the iPod manager compatibility:

iPod Rip
CopyTrans Manager Sharepod MediaWidget Winamp xPlay
compatible compatible compatible
(beta version only)
not compatible not compatible not compatible

As you notice, just a few of them are compatible now.
Besides, since my last post, some iPod managers like CopyTrans Manager and Sharepod have been updated. That's why I will post a new complete test soon.


Even said...

Thank you for the info! great help! I went for CopyTrans.

Ty said...

Great info and tons of full information. thanks for the great help!

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