Thursday, April 3, 2014

Add songs to iPhone without iTunes with brand new CopyTrans Manager v1

Adding songs to the iPhone should be as simple as drag and drop from PC and without the need for syncing with iTunes.

You can add songs, videos and playlists from your PC to iPhone with a free utility called CopyTrans Manager. CopyTrans Manager is an iTunes replacement which allows you to manage songs and playlists on the iPhone and iPod without syncing.

add songs and playlists to iphone without itunes button

Add songs and music to iPhone without iTunes

1. Run CopyTrans Manager on your PC and connect the iPhone where you want to add music.

2. Locate the folder on the PC which contains the songs you wish to add to the iPhone

3. Select the song files and drag-drop them to the open CopyTrans Manager window

3. Click on the “Update” button to apply the changes

The songs are now added to the iPhone. You can add videos and movies to your iPhone using the same method.

Open the Musc app on the iPhone and enjoy.

Add playlists to iPhone without iTunes

To create or edit playlists on the iPhone, open the main CopyTrans Manager window and click on the “+” button under Playlists.

1. Add a name for the newly-created iPhone playlist

2. You can now drag-drop songs to the new playlist

3. Don’t forget to click “Update” to apply the changes

An easy way to add songs, videos and playlists to the iPhone without the need for iTunes.

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