Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How to manage iPhone without iTunes?

You may already know, that you don't have to use iTunes to manage iPod, iPhone or iPad. When searching for iTunes Alternatives it's very likely that you'll find a dozen of apps promising to manage your iPhone independently from iTunes. The software that I use is called CopyTrans Manager and you can find it here:

Free iTunes replacement to manage iPhone without iTunes

So far, so good. Did you also know that iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad require drivers to be recognized by your PC? These drivers are installed with a fresh copy of iTunes, meaning you need to install iTunes, QuickTime etc. to use your iPhone with your PC. As many people consider iTunes to be bloatware, you may wish to use your iPhone without having to install iTunes. That's why you can use the CopyTrans Drivers Installer.

This little free app installs all drivers and you'll finally be able to use your iPhone entirely without iTunes.

iphone without itunes


TechyCraftCrew said...
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John Davis said...

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Werner Ruotsalainen said...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Blogger

Great site! Just one question... can i use two ipod managers at the same time in one ipod (ex: Floola and Sharepod)??

ant said...

Hi, you can use two different iPod managers for one device like CopyTrans Manager or Floola etc., but honestly I wouldn't recommend it, as every iPod manager has got is own way to deal with your device. This may lead to conflicts, which may finally end in a complete restore of your iPod with iTunes = wiping off its contents.