Wednesday, March 30, 2011

iTunes alternative - CopyTrans Manager - iOS 4.3.1 compatibility

For nearly two years now I'm a regular user of the free iTunes alternative - CopyTrans Manager. I even decided not to upgrade to iOS 4.3.1 unless this tool is compatible.

Finally! The newest version 0.936 brought full iOS 4.3.1 compatibility, allowing you to add music, videos, films, TV-shows, podcasts, audio books to iPhone, iTouch or iPad using the newest firmware.

Another more visible thing is that they removed the skin, which turns out to be nice on a PC with Windows 7, but less attractive if you're running it on XP. That's why I decided to reactivate the old CopyTrans Manager skin.

Just go to the Settings tab and click on "Advanced Settings". Search for skin and change "" from "no" to "yes".

Coming soon ... - New roundup of existing iTunes alternatives, stay tuned!

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